NOMAD is the wine aimed at the adventurous. It´s the wine that Aurelia created on her return from her travels to the vineyards of the New World. Nomad represents a modern style of wine , a new experience. A nomad knows how to uncover the little known stories and views the wine as a living thing: a striking landscape, a stunning piece of music or the art of fine cuisine. For a nomad, the world is simply a puzzle where the road never ends and trips are a way of discovering more, this extends to the world of wine.


Feteasca Alba is an old Romanian variety, with vine flower nose, Mineral hints, balanced taste, generos and delicate. The good Aciditaty gives a special freshness. Excellent as aperetiv. Matched with fish dishes and seafood, cooled at 6-8°C, can create that good - mood of summer nights an not only.


It has powerful aromas of gooseberry, wild grass and fresh lime and a generous, fleshy mouth feel. The wine Displays Mineral characters on its lengthy finish. It goes with seafood, particulary oysters, prawns, scallops and whitebait. It will also complement a range of vegetarian dishes, Starters and those with garlic and Chinese food, cooled at 6-8°C.


Fresh with tropical fruit notes, clean fragrance of apples and pineapple followed by a crisp, refreshing flavour, well structured and sophisticated.

Can be enjoyed with all types of fish, calamari, oysters, shrimps and sushi, but also with grilled chicken or cooked with white sauce, pesto pasta and risotto Milanese. Try it also by itself!



Fresh and fruity wine, green apple, yellow melon and citrus aromas, enriched by the tropical taste, smooth body and long aftertaste.

Can be enjoyed along with fish and sea foods, Asian dishes, appetizers as well as chicken meal and white sauce plates.


Fresh and velvety, vivacious, with raspberry and cherry aroma and subtile spice notes. Refreshing, with good acidity, it is an excellent choice for warm summer evenings, alongside salads, Asian food but also on its own. to be served well chilled at 6°C.


Dry plums and black cherry nose, chocolate, vanilla and soft tannins from the oak. Can be served by itself or with red meat, fermented cheese, slightly cooled at 16-18°C.


Blackberries and spices complemented by vanilla hints from oak. It is recommended to be served at room temperature (about 18°C), associated with substainal dishes, game and steak.

Delicios at the end of the meal with fermented cheese.

MERLOT (dry)

Soft and velvety on the palate, blackberry, cherry and red currants nose with well integrated vanilla. Serve at 18°C with any steak, beef, pork and even pheasant and turkey. An excellent choise for cheeses served "à la française" at the end of the meal.



Soft and delicate; intense nose of red berry and dark chocolate, medium body with some tannins and vanilla on the palate. Serve at 16-18°C with poultry, Bolognese pasta, Moroccan and Lebanese food, Brie or Camembert.


Rich and surprising in aromas of fresh grass, herbs, elder and wild flowers. Vivid and refreshing taste on the palate, with grapefruit and lime hints on the finish. Well chilled, it harmoniously accompanies fish and seafood, spicy dishes and salads. It is also an excellent aperitif served on its own.

ROSE  Cuvee (dry)

The perfect company for summer evenings, this rose impresses with abundant bouquet of lovely strawberry, carry and ripe sour cherry aromas. The taste is full, fresh, well balanced by vivid acidity. The long aftertaste reveals delicate pineapple nuances. This refreshing rose may be served on its own or alongside with summer dishes, salads, grilled white meat and vegetarian dishes. To be served well chilled at 6-8°C.


Complex and beautifully structured, this wine impresses with strong berry and ripe sour cherry aromas, black pepper hints, followed by velvety taste accompanied by vanilla notes from oak barrel ageing. The wine is full-bodied, with fine well integrated tannins, long aftertaste with dried plum, raisins, cocoa and chocolate aromas. An excellent pairing to veal and lamb, game stew and spicy dishes.


ARTISAN is our wine dedicated to indigenous Romanian varieties specific to the area of Dealu Mare. Artisan wines represent the fine balance between skill and inspiration. They bear the fingerprint and personality of the oenologist Aurelia Visinescu. Their aim is not to be perfect or conform to a common standard but to be expressive of the land from which they come. They are wines with identity, living wines.


Intense flavors of roses and basil, well ripe apricot and pear, integrated into the full bodied structure and refreshing acidity. The taste is emphasized by an explosion of aromas from incense to pink grapefruit and peaches, It can be served as an aperitif or along with asian, lebanese,indian food chilled at 4-6°C 


Lovely aromas of roses,basil and melon; delicious honey sweetness on the palate, rich and well balanced by good acidity. Excellent choise for foie gras, pastry and sweets or along with asian dishes, chilled at 4-6°C


From the sunny hills of Naieni village,Buzau country, grown and matured in new Romanian oak barriques in our cellar. Artisan Feteasca Alba shows intenes flavors of ripe pear and melon, buttery and velvety texture, well integrated, memorable on the palate. Enjoy this wine with salmon, lobster,chicken with cream sauce and even veal, at optimum temperature of 6-8°C


Created with love and passion for Romanian varieties, this  blenddevelops citrus, roses and scented nose. Fresh and fruity on the palate, with pink grapefruit notes, well balanced and long lasting finish, this wine can be served with soufflès, fish and seafood, spicy asian dishes, well cooled of 6-8°C.


The wine has an unique character of dry plums, black  currants and cinnamon, silky on the palate and well balanced by the round tannins and vanilla hints coming from ageing in oak barrels. To be served with along with lamb, pork, veal, beef dishes or even fried chicken, at 16-18°C.


Three varieties specific to Dealu Mare wine region blended with a personal fingerprint of the winemaker; the wine is elegant and generous, developing coffee and tobacco nose, spices and vanilla taste, well integrated by the complex and corpulent structure. The wine is aged in oak barrels. To be served with roasted turkey or goose, pork or game at 16-18°C.

KARAKTER reflects the passion and personality of the creator, along with the presence of nature, defined in time. Karakter wines talk about the harmony between sun,soil,fruit and the winemaker's belief. The line is dedicated to international varieties,memorably imposing from the first tasting. Wines with personality.

CHARDONNAY (medium-sweet)

Fresh and fruity wine, yellow melon, nectarine and citrus aromas, crisp lively acidity wich makes the wine well balanced and longlasting. A classic style of Chardonnay which works well with a variety of rich foods and creamy sauces, seafood Cousine or simply on its own, chilled 6-8°C.


ROSE (dry)

Vivid and delicate, rich in intense raspberry and strawberry aromas. Full creamy taste, with some spice hints, followed by long lasting finish. An excellent company for summer nights while serving light dishes based on vegetables, barbecues, easy sauces or spicy foosm at temperature of 6-8°C.


Winemaker's personality is reflected in the character of this Cabernet Sauvignon. Elegant wine with aromas of black currant, nuanced by notes of chocolate and tobacco, and complemented by the cedar and vanilla, interweaving aging with noble aroma of this variety. Cabernet goes well with beef, lamb and goose, especially when cooked with herbs. It also is a great match for brie, cheddar cheese and chocolate, at temperature of 16-18°C.

PROMESSA represents the oenologists promise of offering quality wines and cultivating the relationship built with wine lovers. It's one of the slogans we follow. We promise quality, flavor and a good mood.


Two varieties with distinct personality, harmoniously reunited in a delicious blend which throughout reflects Dealu Mare terrior and the personal touch of the oenologist, Aurelia Visinescu. The wine is abundant in sour cherry, cassis, plums and spices. Vanilla notes come from ageing in oak barrels. The taste is intense and well balanced , with fine tannins. To be served at 16°-18°C with lamb, roasted beef, game or spicy dishes, Moroccan or Indian meals.


The result of our wines lying at the bottom of Sahateni hills, this Chardonnay impresses with explosive nose of yellow fruit, pineapple, pear and melon. The wine is full bodied and creamy, with rich taste, followed by hints of vanilla and butter. Well chilled at 8°-10°C, it is an exciting choice for white sauce dishes, lobster and turkey. 

ANIMA is our exclusive wine and the combined result of our souls & passion ...the spoilt child of our cellar. Like all good things, it is found in limited supply and is the result of the very best grapes only harvested in exceptional years.  Anima encapsulates winemaker Aurelia Visinescu's sensitivity and passion translated into wine. It represents the involvement of mind, body and soul in the discovery and celebration of a complex palate, full of surprises.

CABERNRT SAUVIGNON (dry) Limited Edition

Carefully selected from exceptional vintages, the wine has been completed by maturation in oak barrels followed by bottle ageing it was released on the market. The result is a deep color wine, generous, full bodied, velvety texture, cassis and spices focused nose,

well balanced by vanilla oak.

To preserve the delicate flavors, technoligical intervention has been kept to minimum; therefore a light deposit on the bottom of the bottle could be a normal occurrence.

Serve at 18° C with grilled meats or cheese.


MERLOT (dry) Limited Edition

Produced only in exceptional vintages, the wine is intense, with smooth and velvety structure, ripe dark fruit nose, well balanced by subtle vanilly notes.

To preserve the delicate flavors, technoligical intervention has been kept to minimum; therefore a light deposit on the bottom of the bottle could be a normal occurrence.

Serve at 18° C alongside with red meat or cheese.


PINOT NOIR (dry) Limited Edition

Well evolved, ripe cherry and raspberry fruit with tobacco overtones. Ripe tannins and well integrated oak give a firm but supple wine,

To preserve the delicate flavors, technoligical intervention has been kept to minimum; therefore a light deposit on the bottom of the bottle could be a normal occurrence.

SYRAH (dry) Limited Edition

Fragrant black fruit, spices, especially black and red pepper aromas, intense velvety taste. the fine tannins and vanilla notes comunity from ageing in Romanian oak barriques are well integrated in the solid structure of the wine. The finish is long, strongly spicy with dark chocolate and cocoa hints. it can be served with lamb, grilled veal, game or spicy meat dishes. It is also a great choise for Moroccan and Indian food.

Chardonnay (dry) Limited Edition

Creamy with intense flavors of tropical fruits, pear and yellow melon, well integrated by the oak and vanilla hints. Full bodied and velvety, well balanced acidity, this wine impresses with lovely nose and long aftertaste. Charming when served chilled along white sauce dishes, lobster, turkey and even pork, puddings or butter cakes.

THREE BLACK MAIDENS (dry) Limited Edition

The three black girls, fruits of our vineyard's most gifted years, 2012, 2013 and 2014, have first met the artistry of the oenologist Aurelia, who then left them with the Romanian oak, where they gained vanilla aromas and fine tannins. The long elegant legs leave the full ruby colored body to indulge into the smoky dried plum, figs and wild fruits taste, on the soft path of dark chocolate.

VIILE METAMORFOSIS' range offers a generous selection of international and local varieties, a superb example of the grapes that thrive in our vineyards from Dealu Mare region, valorized either as mono-varieties or in blends.

The style emphasizes the character of the grape varieties and the ageing process in large and small capacity oak barrels was used exclusively for the red wines and only to add complexity and elegance.


The pale, straw-green colour and intense aromas of acacia and hay are complemented by vibrant citrus, peach flavours and a zesty and clean finish.


The olfactory intensity is distinctively grapey, accompanied by subtle floral notes of roses. The freshness and hint of refined bitterness contribute to the spontaneity and harmony of this organic wine.


Produced from a selection of aromatic grape varieties, our late harvest organic wine invites to a delight of the senses with its strong scent of exotics fruits, ripe pears and Polyfloral honey. The rich taste is balanced by a lively acidity that leaves a pleasant and persistent sensation. Perfect for hot summer days, is highly recommended to be served well chilled at 6°C, along with apple, pear or fresh cheese and raisins pie.

ROSE (dry)

The wine has a pale rose-pink color and reveals delicate red fruit aromas, cherries and strawberries. On the palate is soft but with an invigorating freshness and full of fruity aromatic intensity. It was created from three grape varieties; Merlot, Feteasca Neagra and Pinot Noir. Medium-bodied to just the right degree, this wine is a perfect partner for fish, white meat or vegetables on the grill. Serve at 10°C.


With flavours that thoroughly combine the sour cherry notes with spices, this wine is both delicate and balanced with discreet tannins and an exquisite finish.


This bright ruby red wine displays aromas of black fruits like blackberries and cassis, toast and pepper flavours rendered by 18 month ageing in large oak barrels. The palate is lavish, well balanced, with ripe tannins and a relentless aftertaste.

MERLOT (dry)

The intense fruity aromas of red fruits are complemented by spicy notes associated with components in the oak barrels. It is a medium-bodied, elegant wine, well balanced in acidity and sweet tannins developing a fresh, savory finish.


A vividly coloured wine that reveals pleasant aromas of black cherry and plum. Full-bodied on the palate with sweet tannins and spicy notes. The finish is elegant and lingering. 

Launched in 2009, CANTVS PRIMVS was the first wine that we have created, hence its name and year written in Roman numerals on the label. Initially, only a Cabernet Sauvignon was produced under this brand over three consecutive vintages: 2007, 2008 and 2009. Concentrated, unique, elegant and sophisticated wines that demonstrated the level of excellence that Romania is able to achieve. Recently, our best Feteasca Neagra joined the original, intended to show the world the special quality that this local red variety has got to offer.


The rich, sensual aromas are typical of the grape variety recalling forest fruits (wild cherries and blackcurrant), dark chocolate, liquorice and vanilla developed during the ageing in oak barriques for 18 months. On the palate the wine is full and silky with dense, well structured tannins. A perfect partner for the finest meat and game dishes. We recommend it is served at 18 °C.


Attractive dark red color with ruby hues. Intense aromas of mature red fruits, jams (plums and cherries), overlaying minerals and sweet spicy notes. The palate is ample and generous, with excellent smooth tannins and a long and pleasant finish. Ideal with cheese, red meat or mushroom stews or with typical Romanian dishes. Served at 16 °C.

These wines come from two distinct parcels of our COLTUL PIETREI (stone corner) vineyard, hidden on a discrete hill of Dealu Mare Region, in southeastern Romania.

The 6.86 hectares cultivated with Sauvignon Blanc and 5.2 hectares planted with Syrah were isolated from the rest of the vineyard due to their superiority. This superiority is due to a combination of factors such as soil, tomography, rainfall, light and heat of the sun, favoring particularly the Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah grapes growing here.


Intense aromas of exotic fruits and acacia flowers interwine harmoniously with mineral notes. The wine is dry with a medium body, balanced with a lingering after-taste that brings forth fruit flavor (apricots and figs).


This fresh wine is from a distinctive place of our vineyard, the "Stone Corner", hidden on the nesting hillside of the Naieni vineyard-hills. The 1.45 hectares planted with Chardonnay were isolated from the rest of the vine because of their uniqueness. The soil, topography, rainfall, light, and heat of the sun especially favor the cultivation of Chardonnay grapes in this place.


SYRAH (dry)

A wine with reddish-purple color and strong flavors of candied plum and black cherry. Dry with mature tannins. The wine was aged in oak barrels for a period of eight months.

The two wines of FLUTURI's range represent the most honest expression of the grape veriety from which they are produced. Wishing to keep their primary flavors, both Feteasca Regala and Merlot were fermented and stored until bottling only in stainless steel tanks fitted with temperature control systems.

The freshness and fruitness are characteristics that uncover their youthfulness and make them easy to drink as aperitifs or with everyday meals, at the same time being extremely affordable.


Pale  yellow in color with green tinges, this organic wine has intense aromas reminiscent of fresh fruits, green apple in particular. An indigenous Romanian variety which impresses with a well balanced, refreshing and savoury taste. Ideal with white meat dishes or as an aperitif. Serve at 8°C.

MERLOT (dry)

Our young Fluturi Merlot has an attracttive ruby red colour with violet iridescences and very pleasant fruity aromas reminiscent of blueberries and blackberries. On the palate it is smooth and well balanced with a savory aftertaste.

The Marquis Vineyard (VIA MARCHIZULUI) is cultivated in Finesti, the area that convinced the Marquis Piero Antinori to start the project in Dealu Mare, being the first surface acquired.

The 0.9 hectars of organically grown Negru de Dragasani were seperated from the rest of the vineyard in order to allow our team to give a special care to this exceptional grape variety, which has resulted in a wine of high quality. In 2013 only 7830 bottles were produced.



- Description Comming Soon -


With a deep red color and violet hues, exhibiting aromas of blackberries with notes of figs and chocolate, marked out by a vanilla character. Fresh, juicy and flavorful as it enters the mouth with round tannins and long, lingering finish.