It all startet with a passion to the Romanian wine. Of course I knew about the quality of Romanian wines, that are compareable with the altitudes in Bordeaux, Piemont, Rioja, Vanju Mare and Dealu Mare - that are all located at the 45th parallel – where you will find the best suitable climate for vines, but especially the influence of a friend of mine who is a sommelier and the wish to make famous Rumanian wines available to the German market made me start this business.


 Thanks to a good relationship to the best vintners of Romania, it was easy for me to turn my dreams into reality and in 2014 I started to import Romanian wines from Aurelia Visinescu. I am aware of the fact that starting as a pioneer brings a lot of hard work with it as the Romanian wines’ level of awareness in Germany is quite negligible, but I am positive about the convincing quality of the wines that goes with an invincible value-for-money ratio.