NOMAD is the wine aimed at the adventurous. It´s the wine that Aurelia created on her return from her travels to the vineyards of the New World. Nomad represents a modern style of wine , a new experience. A nomad knows how to uncover the little known stories and views the wine as a living thing: a striking landscape, a stunning piece of music or the art of fine cuisine. For a nomad, the world is simply a puzzle where the road never ends and trips are a way of discovering more, this extends to the world of wine.

ARTISAN is our wine dedicated to indigenous Romanian varieties specific to the area of Dealu Mare. Artisan wines represent the fine balance between skill and inspiration. They bear the fingerprint and personality of the oenologist Aurelia Visinescu. Their aim is not to be perfect or conform to a common standard but to be expressive of the land from which they come. They are wines with identity, living wines.

KARAKTER reflects the passion and personality of the creator, along with the presence of nature, defined in time. Karakter wines talk about the harmony between sun,soil,fruit and the winemaker's belief. The line is dedicated to international varieties,memorably imposing from the first tasting. Wines with personality.

PROMESSA represents the oenologists promise of offering quality wines and cultivating the relationship built with wine lovers. It's one of the slogans we follow. We promise quality, flavor and a good mood.

ANIMA is our exclusive wine and the combined result of our souls & passion ...the spoilt child of our cellar. Like all good things, it is found in limited supply and is the result of the very best grapes only harvested in exceptional years.  Anima encapsulates winemaker Aurelia Visinescu's sensitivity and passion translated into wine. It represents the involvement of mind, body and soul in the discovery and celebration of a complex palate, full of surprises.

VIILE METAMORFOSIS' range offers a generous selection of international and local varieties, a superb example of the grapes that thrive in our vineyards from Dealu Mare region, valorized either as mono-varieties or in blends.

The style emphasizes the character of the grape varieties and the ageing process in large and small capacity oak barrels was used exclusively for the red wines and only to add complexity and elegance.

These wines come from two distinct parcels of our COLTUL PIETREI (stone corner) vineyard, hidden on a discrete hill of Dealu Mare Region, in southeastern Romania.

The 6.86 hectares cultivated with Sauvignon Blanc and 5.2 hectares planted with Syrah were isolated from the rest of the vineyard due to their superiority. This superiority is due to a combination of factors such as soil, tomography, rainfall, light and heat of the sun, favoring particularly the Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah grapes growing here.

The Marquis Vineyard (VIA MARCHIZULUI) is cultivated in Finesti, the area that convinced the Marquis Piero Antinori to start the project in Dealu Mare, being the first surface acquired.

The 0.9 hectars of organically grown Negru de Dragasani were seperated from the rest of the vineyard in order to allow our team to give a special care to this exceptional grape variety, which has resulted in a wine of high quality. In 2013 only 7830 bottles were produced.

Launched in 2009, CANTVS PRIMVS was the first wine that we have created, hence its name and year written in Roman numerals on the label. Initially, only a Cabernet Sauvignon was produced under this brand over three consecutive vintages: 2007, 2008 and 2009. Concentrated, unique, elegant and sophisticated wines that demonstrated the level of excellence that Romania is able to achieve. Recently, our best Feteasca Neagra joined the original, intended to show the world the special quality that this local red variety has got to offer.

The sparkling wine JIDVEI is gradually produced according to the traditional "Metode Champenoise", which makes it a real competitor of the French well-known sparkling wine. At JIDVEI, the sparkling wine is drawn off, fermented, clarified and delivered in the same bottle. It is a guarantee that only the time completes and refines the content from the time it is removed and consumed. The sparkling wine as a raw material is obtained from the grape-types Feteasca Regala, Riesling Italian and Pinot Gris, made using a special technology. Withdrawing, depositing and periodically turning the bottles is done manually with great precaution. All of these processes give the sparkling wine Romantine red or the semi-dry wines, white and rose, a fine, genuine lively aspect, and a freshness that is very similar to a champagne. The wine as a raw material is obtained from the same grape varieties and further processed using a special technique.


JIDVEI is located in the Valea Tarnavelor valley and has been known as a wine country since 1200. Transylvanian Saxons, who once settled in this area and were experienced winemakers, made brandy in Romania for the first time. This is how the Romanian term "vinars" came from the two words "vin" (english: wine) and "ars" (english: distilled). This centuries-old tradition still exists today and so the Vinars JIDVEI brandy is made from young wine with high acidity, which gives it its unique finesse and incomparable aroma. The long maturation of at least 5 years in Transylvanian oak barrels gives the brandy its bright amber color and a soft and velvety taste. V.S.O.P. ("very superior old pale") veryfies barrel storage for at least 4 years.

DACIC Romanian Ciders is a range of flavored ciders with personality, produced in Romania, having a full-bodied, fruity taste achieved by fermenting Romanian apples. Animated by the daring spirit of our ancestors the Dacians and leaning on the Romanian tradition of cultivating and fermenting the apples, we have obtained five flavors of cider: blueberry, strawberry, apple, cherry and raspberry (new) starting from the needs of persons loving varied and complex tastes.


The sparkling wines of the MOTT Special Collection are a tribute to the founder of ZAREA, an oenologist with a passion for Romania and wine. These high-quality products are intended to continue the work of the founder, who produced the most popular Romanian sparkling wine brand in the interwar period. The 'Methode traditionelle' from MOTT brings ZAREA's one-hundred years of experience in the production of sparkling wines. MOTT, produced by bottle fermentation from a mixture of selected wines, is characterized by a yellowish color, notes of ripe fruit and almonds as well as a fine and long-lasting, tingling freshness. The maturation on yeast for at least 12 months gives it the balanced acidity and the fine pearly texture of the effervescent. Only 6% of the wines sold in Romania are made according to traditional methods and only 20% worldwide.

Since 2010, Avereşti has begun revitalizing viticulture to exceptional standards.

Replanting vineyards up to 650 hectares of noble vine today, building a state-of-the-art wine cellar and forming a team of experienced oenologists and viticulturists, high-class specialists, speak about the passion and dedication of the Avereşti team.

In the Areas of Avereşti Domains we have planted distinct varieties in separate plots, which allows us to obtain pure wines, most being DOC certified.

Various grape varieties are available for aromatic wines: Busuioaca de Bohotin, Tămâioasa Românească and Muscat Ottonel, for white wines: Zghihara, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Feteasca Alba, Feteasca Regala, Aligote, as well as varieties for red wines: Feteasca Neagra, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Merlot.

To meet the challenge of creating special wines, significant investments were needed for plantations and wine cellars. At this moment, the Averești Domains have 650 hectares of noble vine and one of the largest plantations of Busuioaca de Bohotin in Romania (105 ha).